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What Is Drive Fresh?

Drive Fresh is a custom subscription service, allowing you to have your favourite vehicle air fresheners delivered directly to your door - month upon month.

how it works

Pick Your Favourite Brands

Creating your subscription is easy! Simply head to our 'Create Your Plan' section & select your favourite brand of Air Fresheners that you want delivered every 4 weeks. You can even pick a 'Random' assortment!

Customise Your Package

Next, pick how many Air Fresheners you want delivered in your monthly box. We recommend choosing 2 per month, but the choice is up to you! If there's any scents you dislike, you can let us know so we exclude these from your box.

Receive Your Box

Your customised Drive Fresh monthly box is complete! Never forget to replace your old Air Fresheners again. You'll receive your Drive Fresh box every 4 weeks, containing your choice of brand(s) and surprise scents! 

Our Story

Drive Fresh was founded out of our own personal experience & frustration. We all love Air Fresheners for our vehicles, right? You get up for work at 8am, jump in your car and that sweet, sweet aroma hits you and gets your day off to a positive start. Now that’s the feeling we all love...

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Why Drive Fresh?

Time Is/And Money

Going out of your way to a store to pick up an Air Freshener costs time and fuel, is highly inconvenient & often not a priority. Getting your favourites delivered directly to your door is MUCH easier!

Exclusive Products

Thanks to our huge inventory, you're able to receive exclusive Air Fresheners that you simply cannot purchase from your local shops. Say bye to those same 5 choices, and hello to a world of new scents!

Control Is In Your Hands

We know you'll love your Drive Fresh Box, but we understand that sometimes there's other factors that come into play. Cancel, amend your box or skip deliveries anytime you want. 

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