Our Story

Drive Fresh was founded out of our own personal experience & frustration. We all love Air Fresheners for our vehicles, right? You get up for work at 8am, jump in your car and that sweet, sweet aroma hits you and gets your day off to a positive start. Now that’s the feeling we all love.

But, what happens when that Air Freshener loses that sweet, sweet aroma, and needs to be replaced. For us, we’d very often forget, or simply not have the time to drive down to our local supermarket to buy a new one. Or, when we did get to the supermarket, all we were presented with was those 5 same choices of one or two brands. We’d spend weeks with an odourless Air Freshener hanging in our car, crying out to be replaced. In a nutshell, that’s why Drive Fresh was founded. To help people like ourselves, and the many others who face the same problem. Just like you reading this.

As a Drive Fresh subscriber, not only do you get your favourite brand of Air Fresheners delivered to your door every 4 weeks (FREE DELIVERY), you also receive surprise, exclusive scents that we know you’re going to love! No more wasting time & petrol money driving around looking for a trusty Air Freshener…when you remember, that is!
So, what are you waiting for?

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*Drive Fresh is exclusive to UK residents (for now!)